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The Venture Arts and Culture Club (VACC) is an extracurricular club that is dedicated to the promotion of the arts and culture at Loyola High School. Are you creatively inclined with a pen, a paintbrush, a camera or a musical instrument? Are you interested in contributing to this website or our annual Venture publication? Do you want to support the vibrant arts and culture community of your school and city? If so, the new Venture Arts and Culture Club (VACC) may be right for you. We are always looking for staff members and contributors. To find out more, browse through this website, drop by one of our meetings or talk to one of VACC’s moderators (Mr. Jarrett Ketterling and Mr. George Pantazopoulos). VACC meetings are held every Day 6 during lunch in room 211. Everyone is welcome.


Art is power and creativity is the new currency.


Please email your submissions to

Why Art Has the Power to Change the World

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“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” - Pablo Picasso


April 17 - Listen to Simon Bérard’s original song, Serenity,  in the Music section.

February 13 - Poems by Enrico Di Salvo, Alexandre Quesnel, Anthony Tortolano, Simon Bérard and Colin Ahern, a short story by Kevin C. Thompson, as well as an essay and art work by Anthony Tortolano were added to our site.

January 1 - An excerpt from Kevin Thompson’s novel, When Alll is Lost, is now available for reading on our Writings page.

December 13 - A new musical track by François St-Amour is now available for listening in the Music section of our website.

December 12 - Nicholas Simo’s short story “Time Flies On” is now available for reading on our Writings page.

December 4 - Congratulations to Patrick Dunlop who won the haiku writing contest. You can read Patrick’s poem and other entries on our Writings page.

November 26 - Photographs by Carson Landreville and Ben Naaman were were added to our SmugMug site.

November 18 - Thank you David Meffe for being our first guest speaker in the VACC Lecture Series. Please navigate to our Events page for more information on Meffe’s visit.